An exploration of the growing importance of voice user interfaces and the impact on information architecture

Information architecture (IA) is all about making the complex clear; helping users to understand where they are, what’s around and how to find what they’re looking for. IA helps to make sense of very complex structures and offer users simplicity and efficiency. Done well, IA creates the most linear and natural route, meaning users don’t have to think about their journey and can instead more fully engage with the product, service or brand. …

A reflection on assumptions & product failure

The last time I visited my parents, my brother handed me a carrier bag. It transpired a recent clear out of the attic had revealed a whole pile of long forgotten, obsolete gadgets. Opening the bag I pulled out a smooth metal box; the weight and feel of it instantly familiar, my once cherished MiniDisc player.

Photo by Peter Huys on FreeImages

Closer inspection revealed a bag full of brightly coloured MiniDiscs covered in faded handwriting and stickers. Among the piles of copied albums from the likes of Train, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Destiny's Child I spotted the…

A Reflection on Usability, Accessibility & Ethics

A few years back, I had the privilege of working with a couple who had a company making handmade, ethical furniture. They really lived their ethos and were passionate about leaving the world a little better than they found it. I was inspired to look at my own consumption patterns and decided to start by making some changes to my personal care routine. I had gotten into a bad habit of buying disposable razors, purely due to convenience and not having the time or head space to decide on a more permanent solution.

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I was initially drawn to Friction Free…

A personal reflection on Product Design

I have always been interested in art and design and as a teenager I was given a book called ‘Designing the 21st Century’. Two designs really captured my imagination; ‘Table=Chest’ by Tomoko Azumi and ‘Light, Bulb’ by Paul Cocksedge. Both of these products transform themselves and the space around them. In a single lifting action, ‘Table=Chest’ unexpectedly concertinas up from a low coffee table into a stacked chest of drawers.

‘Light, Bulb’ looks like a simple vase of water; that is until you place a flower inside and it transforms into a light. The stem of the flower completes the…

Katie Richmond

Product developer & current UX Academy student at DesignLab.

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